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Summers Strategies is a full-service agency that excels in strategy and execution.

Strategic Planning

We develop comprehensive strategic plans for each individual client. Together we identify strategies that determine what our clients want to achieve, how they’ll achieve it, and what their next steps should be.

Policymaker & Opinion Leader Communications

Knowing how to talk to policymakers and the influencers who persuade them is crucial to any initiative. Together we work to shape communications that will reach these key individuals at the federal and local levels.

Message Development

Winning a campaign requires procuring a winning message. Whether you are communicating with policymakers or consumers, the key to reaching any audience is a concise message that cuts through the clutter.

Earned Media & Event Planning

People are consuming news on more devices than ever before. It is simply not enough to send out a press release and walk away. Successful earned media is about leveraging relationships with key media influencers, careful planning, and seizing the moment to help breakthrough the noise.

Media Relations

Cumulatively, our team here at Summers Strategies has curated hundreds of relationships with across the country. We work with our countless contacts to help get your story to the top of the news desk every time.

Media Training

Crafting your message is the first step in preparing for an interview, press conference, or speaking engagement. We provide our clients with the tools, resources and in-person preparation they need to make a good interview great.

Digital Strategy & Execution

In order to reach an audience where they are already at, any successful movement will require a robust digital strategy. Shareable content, user engagement, and social media strategy are vital to any campaign’s effort to influence policy or attract consumers.


Your brand exists to tell consumers your story, so let’s make it a good one. Together we help our clients to shape and even reinvent their brands in a way that not only captures their character but expands their reach.

Executive Positioning

From thought leadership to high-level earned media we work with leaders on refining their public image and developing strategies to make optimal use of their strengths and their limited time.

Paid Media

Sometimes the best way to reach your audience is through highly targeted, paid advertising. We utilize the latest technology and data to reach your audience wherever they may be: on TV, in print, online, and on mobile.

Crisis Communications & Rapid Response

Smart crisis communications planning begins long before you need it. We help our clients to proactively identify potential challenges and develop strategies to address them at the right moment.