Setting Yourself Up for Your Best Twitter Chat Yet
3 March
If you’ve ever participated in a Twitter chat you know that they can be interactive, fast paced, informative, and well
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Summers Strategies Opens Las Vegas Office
15 March

Summers Strategies has always had deep roots in Nevada, which is why we are thrilled to announce the opening of

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Phoebe Sweet Joins Summers Strategies!
15 January

Summers Strategies is excited to announce that Phoebe Sweet will join the firm as a Vice President. Sweet is currently

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Thank you so much!
11 July

This week marks one year since Summers Strategies opened its doors and we just wanted to say thank you. Over

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Why your “moms strategy” may be failing you
17 June

For decades now communicators whose work ranges from consumer marketing to policy influencer communications have spent vast resources trying to

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4 questions to ask before launching your next campaign
10 June

Every communications campaign should be designed to meet your organization’s strategic goals. Sounds like common sense, right? It is. Yet,

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This is What Good Online Content Looks Like
9 June

Regardless of your opinion on the Affordable Care Act, this new web page launched by the White House is an excellent

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Pitch Perfect…or not
8 June

Pitching stories to reporters comes down to one very basic rule: know your audience. Before you hit send, pick up

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5 Reasons Caitlyn Jenner’s Story is News
5 June

There’s a common struggle for many organizations to understand why some topics and people get news coverage, while others don’t.

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