OnPoint Communications works with our clients to develop winning messages, craft proactive strategies to make their message heard, and help them stick to that message–even when staying on point seems impossible. It sounds so simple, yet most organizations have difficulty achieving all three of these goals at some point.

Whether you’re trying to persuade policymakers, win a campaign, or raise awareness for a cause you have probably already identified what a win looks like. If you haven’t, OnPoint will help you figure it out. Then we will work with you on developing the right message, sticking to it and creating every opportunity to hammer it home.

What does it take to transform a good communications initiative to a winning one? There are many critical elements to achieving success, but how those pieces are put to work varies with every organization, their unique challenges and the goals they are trying to achieve. No cookie-cutter solutions here. We take the time to fully understand your objectives and craft custom solutions for reaching them.

No one starts a road trip by just hopping in the car and hitting the gas. First, you have to decide where you want to go. Then, you figure out a plan on how to get there. It’s common sense, yet when it comes to communications far too many organizations are building the plane while it’s flying.

Think of OnPoint as your GPS. We help our clients clarify their strategic objectives then work with them on smart communications approaches to help them get there. We craft messaging, position executives, build proactive, yet nimble, public relations and crisis communications strategies.

In today’s media landscape, content is king and visuals matter. Anyone who has done satellite interviews from a studio knows they can get the job done, but live interviews from your next big event, on the road, or even from the front lines of a wildfire will provide the visuals and the context news outlets crave.

That’s why OnPoint is breaking new ground by giving you the ability to conduct live interviews from virtually anywhere – your office, inside a moving car, a rooftop — all with the creative impact you want and without the high cost and complexities of booking satellite time, uplinks and facilities.

We do this using the same mobile uplink equipment and technology employed by more than 700 TV networks and stations across the country. Check out the videos to the right to see for yourself.

It’s time to take your communications to the next level. Contact us today and learn more about how we can make this exciting approach work for you!