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Welcome to ChatterBooth by Summers Strategies

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, small nonprofit, or a political candidate, building your brand means getting people to talk about it. And to generate chatter online, you need content. Now there’s ChatterBooth, a brand-building, consumer-engagement powerhouse that attracts talk and on-site attention through video, pictures, GIFs, and more.

This is a lot more than a photobooth – it’s a hi-tech marketing tool that turns our love of taking and sharing pictures into a branding sensation.

What makes ChatterBooth so effective?

  • Instant sharing. People can create and email or text their content anywhere, or they can post on a branded micro-site.
  • The booth itself at the event can carry the brand logo or slogan.
  • Pictures and videos people share or print can carry logos, messaging and/or hashtags.
  • You're spreading your message in a flash, without customers misspelling or forgetting hashtags and web addresses.
  • It's fun. People love sharing pictures.
  • Using ChatterBooth builds your mailing lists by collecting emails and phone numbers of those sharing content.
  • Great for events, fundraisers, conferences, indoors or outdoors, includes all digital or print photos on-the-spot.

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