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Triumph of the Real: The Challenge of Overcoming Alternative Fact

These days, the truth has some competition: alternative facts, fake news, and the full-throated denial of reality, for starters. But while this type of spin is enjoying a Renaissance at

Why your “moms strategy” may be failing you

  17.06.2015   Strategy   No comments

For decades now communicators whose work ranges from consumer marketing to policy influencer communications have spent vast resources trying to connect with moms. This is a proven, data-based strategy that

4 questions to ask before launching your next campaign

  10.06.2015   Strategy   No comments

Every communications campaign should be designed to meet your organization’s strategic goals. Sounds like common sense, right? It is. Yet, far too often, communications objectives (and therefore, the ability to

5 Reasons Caitlyn Jenner’s Story is News

  5.06.2015   Strategy   No comments

There’s a common struggle for many organizations to understand why some topics and people get news coverage, while others don’t. Some quickly dismiss it by saying “they only talk about