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Closing the Gender Gap in the Communications Industry

I’ve spent almost my entire career working in male-dominated industries. Journalism, where I worked as a print reporter for nearly a decade, is nearly 2/3 male from top to bottom, with

Immersive video – it’s here to stay. How will you use it?

Ready or not, here it comes. Even if the medium hasn’t quite worked out the kinks or yet found its place among consumers (and producers), the future is here for

Triumph of the Real: The Challenge of Overcoming Alternative Fact

These days, the truth has some competition: alternative facts, fake news, and the full-throated denial of reality, for starters. But while this type of spin is enjoying a Renaissance at

10 Steps to a Twitter Chat That Will Keep Them Coming Back

You’re prepared, you’re sitting at your keyboard, everything in place and readying yourself for an avalanche of tweets – you hope. Welcome to the wildly effective and sometimes equally terrifying

Setting Yourself Up for Your Best Twitter Chat Yet

If you’ve ever participated in a Twitter chat you know that they can be interactive, fast paced, informative, and well sometimes – intimidating. Now try hosting one. Fear not! It’s