Thank you so much!

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This week marks one year since Summers Strategies opened its doors and we just wanted to say thank you.

Over the last year, we have been working with national nonprofit organizations, trade associations, and the federal government to:

  • Raise awareness and change the conversation about mental health in America;
  • Expose horrifying animal abuse at factory farms;
  • Improve education so our students are prepared to compete in a global economy;
  • Ensure Americans are prepared for natural disasters that could hit their communities – before they strike;
  • Keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons, domestic abusers and others who we all agree shouldn’t have them, and;
  • Advocate for smart policies that inspire innovation and create millions of jobs across the country.

Thank you to our clients for making us a part of your meaningful work. And thank you to our strategic partners who work with us on ground-breaking, effective, and affordable solutions to help our clients succeed in the important work they do.